Sunday, October 25, 2009


Willis took care of his own horseshoeing

Desolate camp

The desert camp could be quite a desolate place in the winter.

Moving Camp

Moving camp was always quite a production.

Just herding the sheep

Willis herding the sheep in Red Hill country.

Willis's boss, Lee Barton

Willis worked for Lee Barton of Manti, Utah. This picture shows Lee and the sheep near the corral at Red Hills, Dec 1976

Watering sheep in Short's Valley

Willis is riding Old Red. They, the dogs, and sheep are at the watering trough. In the second picture, the sheep are clustered so tightly around the trough that the trough itself cannot be seen.

Dale Kinney watering sheep in Shorts Valley

Winter 1976-77

Watering sheep at Mount Nebo

Water had to be brought in by truck when the sheep were on the desert. This picture shows Willis and the water truck with Mt. Nebo in the background. April 1975.

Preparing the take the sheep off the west desert

Each spring, the pregnant ewes would be taken by truck from the desert back to Manti where they would lamb. The ewes had been on the desert since the fall. The rams were brought to the desert in about January. Sheep have four months gestation. These pictures were taken in April of 1976.